Hammers Clash A Golden Opportunity For The Reds

by Mike Kennedy

West Ham have surprised people this year. Big Sam’s Neanderthals sit 7th in the league, they’ve produced a couple of eyebrow-raising results and some of their stats looks impressive:

  • They have the 5th best defence in the league
  • Based purely on away games, they have the 4th best attack in the league

But don’t believe the hype.

The Reds should go into the West Ham game confident they can sieze this opportunity to overhaul one of the 4 teams between them and 4th place.

West Ham’s inflated position in the table (and also in the wider public perception) is predominantly based on 2 wins they got earlier in the season: they beat Liverpool in Sept and Man City in October. Both games were at Upton Park.

Of course they deserve credit for winning those 2 ostensibly-difficult games, but their achievement is surely diminished -at least a little- by the mire Liverpool were in at that time and Man City’s sub-par performance after a long midweek CL trip to Russia.

If we take these two games and the accompanying six points out of the equation, West Ham would be 10th. (Which is arguably where you’d expect them to be, right?)

If we look at West Ham’s other results we can see they’re broadly in line with what we’d expect:


West Ham were beaten by Spurs, Southampton, Man Utd, Everton, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Liverpool should beat them too; the Reds have rediscovered last season’s intensity and their renaissance sees them 2nd in the overall form table: W4-D2-L0

By contrast West Ham’s form is patchy. Overall Form: W2-D2-L2

West Ham have only won 1 out of their last 6 away games. Away Form: W1-D3-L2

The Hammers have a season-defining run of games looming and I expect them to fall away during this period. Their next 7 opponents are Liverpool, Manchester United, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace, Chelsea and Arsenal. Ouch. Have some of that Signor Allardichi.

Studge FTW. Come on you Reds.

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